Andrew is an experienced geoscientist who worked in all facets of petroleum, utilities & defence business. This ranges from business analysis and process re-engineering, though project management in surface infrastructure and subsurface interpretation, to data management and modelling for the past 30 years.

As Geospatial Service Lead at Wipro, Andrew spanned GIS (geographic information systems), EAM (enterprise asset management) and FSM (field service management) to assist operators develop best practices in oil&gas. He also participated in Subsurface portfolio, data and application management.

Most recently Andrew lead the geoscience portion of an oil supermajor’s global application rationalisation. Before that he articulates needs from CxO to technical levels at a Mid-eastern NOC. He managed business process re-engineering during asset transfer among operators of largest oil field outside the Middle East.

He planned and managed cross-functional oil&gas process integration at NOCs in the Middle-east and Latin America. He assisted in the area of asset integrity management and regulatory compliance as their usage spread worldwide. He also negotiated Enterprise Level Agreements at major operators worldwide.


Skills and Competencies

Business Analysis Alignment and Stakeholder Management: during application rationalisation at oil majors and independents and portfolio transfer at NOCs worldwide, Andrew crossed over from surface to subsurface domains to conflate topside infrastructure with subsurface interpretation. In order to align these with business processes and ensure positive outcomes, he liaised from C-levels through asset managers to subject matter experts and technical staff.

Contract and Service Level Management: Andrew negotiated enterprise level agreements with major software vendors at oil majors and national oil companies. He also managed software portfolios that were complementary to the above.

Information Management & Technical Specialism: Andrew’s career went from early drilling information, through later geographic information systems to subsurface information management. He lead data model groups in petroleum and pipeline, presented at technical conferences, has an ongoing blog on web-based mapping and now presents at business conferences.

Project Management, Service Delivery & Support Processes: Andrew managed application integration projects at national oil companies and large oil independents. This meant planning roll-outs and delivering training programs from technical through professional to managerial staff.

Data Modeling: geospatial and non-geospatial standards and data models. Deep understanding of technical and business issues, which make cartography and databases the two sides of one coin as relevant today as ever. Andrew helped found Public Petroleum Data Model over 20 years ago, and recently reissued a petro data management workflow class with PPDM and Petroleum User Group Online.

Volunteered Geography: Andrew worked on ArcGIS Online and 1Spatial Cloud. Has a personal Amazon Web Services (AWS), where he posts open data live that are also archived on and… 1/2M points & vectors post faster on AWS than on the desktop! He was successful in doing a full data cleaning and update loop with Ordnance Survey parish data on an East Anglia geo-history project.


Career History (Cambridge UK)             GIS and petro-data          current

3D and web GIS cross-industries using GIS & Remote Sensing

Class from public data via ETL to PPDM and GIS + web on free tools

Work with Esri, Hexagon, INT and LINQ.IT to devise proper workflows

Wipro (London) Geospatial Service Lead 2012 – 2014

Transfer & integration of SAIC Oil&Gas upon its purchase by Wipro UK

Business plan (GIS) and  solution development (connectors, big data)

Responses to pipeline, web  and data management bids (EMEA, Americas)


Long term secondment to oil super major accounts as per the following:

BP (London)  Shell (Netherlands)       Geoscience  Analyst        2012 – 2014

Technical requirements for corporate application rationalization project

Interview and assess work stream needs and means across practices

Documentation and testing of new  geoscience data delivery system


OpenWare (Esri Kuwait) Business Development Mgr.       2010 – 2012

Promote the use of GIS across Kuwaiti national oil companies

Manage Esri / OpenSpirit / Neuralog implementation

Initiate Esri Enterprise Level Agreement (Greater London)              Sales Marketing Manager             2009 – 2010

Assist web mapping start-up for petroleum, web marketing and social media

Submit proposal to GeoVation Awards hosted by Ordnance Survey

Develop affordable solution for small national data repositories


NCOC / AGIP KCO (ENI, Milan)    Business Process Consultant       2009

Business process re-engineering consultant for Kashagan one of the top oilfields

Document corporate process and repositories for handover from AGIP to NCOC

Visit offices from London through Milan to Atyrau KZ to document all processes


GeoSolveIT (Greater London)     Associate             2008

Develop oil&gas geospatial projects in UK and W Africa

Training of GIS for Petroleum at Anadarko and ExxonMobil (greater London)

Develop solutions with Esri (UK) and GeoSamba (Australia)


Petris (London) Sales then GIS Manager 2006 – 2007

Manage Recall and PetrisWINDS accounts and services in EMEA

Develop EMEA accounts and projects in petroleum and pipeline

Trusted advisor and senior trainer at ENI (Milan) and Total (Pau)


Esri (global)   Petroleum Industry Manager      2000 – 2006

Promoted GIS in major oil companies, integrators and international distributors

National agencies on GIS across petroleum, pipeline, transportation, logistics and internet

Initiated Enterprise Level Agreements at Shell and Total (with BHP to follow)


Halliburton Landmark (global)    Senior Consultant            1994 – 2000

Implement IM strategies at small to major oil companies worldwide

Bridge geoscience and geospatial as well as Landmark and Schlumberger

Internal global  knowledge transfer and junior member mentorship


Various (Canada)              Various geo-information               1986 – 1994

Early geospatial applications from desktop (AutoCAD) to server (Oracle) via NFS

On-line data and digitizing services, CD-ROM data publishing and remote sensing

Real-time 3D UAV surveillance and near-real-time pipeline flyby and dog sniffing


Shell, GSC (Canada)         Geologist             1982 – 1986

Early computer data management of mapping, field-work and exploration data

Sound basics of petroleum and field geology at two premier institutions

Petroleum exploration and field geologist in Western and Arctic Canada


Recent Presentations

2nd Annual IT / ICT (Prague)                                       Management Summit                                    June 2016

“Mind mapping on steroids”, accepted

Finding Petroleum (London)                                       Transforming Subsurface Insights              April 2016

Monthly items on technical and web current affairs as pertains to petroleum and infrastructure mgmt..

Safe FME (Cambridge)                                                   World Tour                                                        June 2015

“Simple Workflow to Populate PPDM Tables from Well Files and Post on a Map”

Esri PUG (Houston)                                                         Petroleum GIS Conference                           April 2015

“Simple Workflow to Populate PPDM Tables from Well Files and Post on a Map”

For as full listing please go online to:


Web presence

1st gen. Hypertext 1986, 2nd gen. since 1996, and 3rd gen. since 2006

SlideShare presentations since 2006, YouTube videos since 2009, Linkedin Pulse posts since 2014



Recent Publications

PUG Online                                                         Geospatial Workflows                                                    Jan 2016

“Mapping well data”


Professional Petroleum Data Management          Foundations Magazine                                  Fall 2015

“Data to Maps: a simpler Workflow”, pp.19-20


Anthropocene Review                                   Peer-reviewed journal                                                   July 2014

“Map stories provide dynamic visualizations to broaden factually based public understanding”


OpenWare (Esri Kuwait)                ThinkGIS Newsletter                                                      Nov. 2011

“A word from an Openware GIS Expert”


Digital Energy Journal                                     Magazine                                                                            June 2010

“Better metadata for GIS”


Global Capital                                                    Magazine                                                                            Oct. 2008

“Taking advantage of geography to maximise decision making and performance”


EAGE, Vienna                                                     Workshop                                                                           June 2006

“Sharing Geospatial Data and Applications”

For as full listing please go online to:


Certifications / Affiliations

AAPG (global) Certified Petroleum Geologist #6148 (current)

AAPG (member since 1979), PESGB (member since 2006)



Esri, Landmark, PPDM, APDM & ETL software and data modeling professional training

M.Sc. & B.Sc. Geology, 1982 & 1980, Queen’s University & University of Calgary, Canada



AAPG Visiting Geoscientist Program, W Europe coordinator of university visits by petroleum professionals

Queen’s “Ask an Alum” / AGI Early Careers Network, mentor students in professional meetings and online

Girton Computer Club (55+), instructor

Cambridge Buddhist Centre, choir

Jesus Lane Society of Friends, newsletter




  • geoscience
  • information supply chain
  • public data
  • web mapping
  • workflows