Reporting directly to the CEO and responsible for Fulcrum ’s marketing strategies, your goal is to increase leads that drive measurable revenue growth. You will be Fulcrum’s lead for global brand messaging, sales, marketing, and the overall growth of our SaaS product. The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) will manage and direct marketing policies, objectives, and programs for our SaaS product and services for the organization. The CMO must be confident in decisions in order to maintain a clear plan of execution with the growth ambitions of the organization. In this pivotal role, you’ll share responsibility for the future growth and success of the company.

Key Responsibilities:

Undertake an audit of existing processes to find opportunities to improve the quality of leads being generated as well as what data is being tracked and measured (KPI’s)
Build relationships to establish clarity as to who does what, communicate what they plan to do, and how the marketing team will work with other areas of the organization.
Spend time with Customer Success and Sales team to learn what benefits customers are interested in, and what objectives they have.
Meet existing customers to obtain clarity in terms of product use, features, and the jobs users are hiring the Fulcrum application to do for them.
Create datasheets to ensure the KPI’s are being measured properly enlisting the Finance department to ensure the reports are accurate.
Directs and works with marketing management team to form business plans and strategies to accomplish corporate objectives.
Oversees market research, product planning, and advertising functions for our SaaS product and services.
Responsible for the development of functional or business unit strategy for the entire organization.
Defines corporate vision and strategy establishes company direction and focus.
Executes multiple high impact initiatives to achieve overall corporate goals.
Build and execute an ROI-driven marketing program to drive sales and revenue growth.
Build and manage a high-performing marketing team, while coaching and developing team members for long-term organizational success.
Ensure internal sales team has the tools, training, and incentives needed to sell effectively by working with our Director of Sales.
Be a strong collaborator and partner with the product management team, sales team, engineering team, and other departments.
Function as an executive leader and doer, providing leadership and insights, supporting strategic objectives, and being a hands-on member of the team.
A strong track record of high-impact leadership with a focus on team-building, problem-solving and cross-functional collaboration.

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About Spatial Networks

Our mission at Spatial Networks is to acquire data and build cutting-edge technology to provide unique geospatial intelligence products that enable our customers to solve their most difficult problems. This requires combining talented people, effective methodologies, a focused mission, and vision.  A creative, collaborative culture means we agree and disagree, complement and critique, teach and learn but most importantly, do.  Spatial Networks provides an energetic, fast-paced and fun environment that allows each team member the opportunity for great career and financial success.