The Business Intelligence Analyst’s primary role is to research, analyze, and process information to generate business intelligence reports, studies, and other products based on specific client needs.  Business Intelligence Analysts must be able to conceptualize business opportunities, understand complex global events in context, generate business solutions, and lead Spatial Networks projects.  The BI Analyst will lead the efforts for a global report product, ensuring an accurate, on-time delivery that is well-documented and sourced, including a well-written, thoughtful and concise narrative, using maps, graphs, charts, diagrams and raw data to augment and “tell the story”.   The customer will rely on these reports to make informed, consequential decisions about their business plans and so their mission success (and our brand integrity) are key drivers for the successful BI Analyst.

Roles & Responsibilities
Conduct global, online (open-source) research and data collection, as well as integrate existing company datasets, rigorous analysis, thoughtful and concise writing and preparation of accurate client-specific business intelligence products in support of overall Spatial Network’s goals.
Generate prototype products and concepts, conference presentations, and conceptual solutions to foster potential business opportunities.
Conduct product reviews and quality control routinely, including editorial review of products prior to delivery to clients
Routinely and reliably assess the significance, accuracy, and credibility of information and provide citation and sourcing to maintain credibility
Continually assess Spatial Network’s operations, procedures, and products to identify opportunities to improve the organization.
Consistently monitor technological advances in commercial business intelligence  tradecraft to ensure that Spatial Network’s maintains the industry edge and leadership posture.
Develop, when and where needed, specific processes and procedures for SNI’s corporate knowledge base.
Help recruit, hire, train and lead junior members of a Business Intelligence team at SNI, and supervise, review and assign work as needed to various team members within the BI group.

About Spatial Networks

Our mission at Spatial Networks is to acquire data and build cutting-edge technology to provide unique geospatial intelligence products that enable our customers to solve their most difficult problems. This requires combining talented people, effective methodologies, a focused mission and vision.  A creative, collaborative culture means we agree and disagree, complement and critique, teach and learn but most importantly, do.  Spatial Networks provides an energetic, fast-paced and fun environment that allows each team member the opportunity for great career and financial success.