There’s a lot to making a map great. This is where you come in.

Speed, data, UI, and storage all need to be joined together. Doing so takes someone who gets the full stack. From Lambdas to CSS, you love thinking though a pipeline of data.

You consider different forms of data an opportunity to create better products. You see our present influx of imagery as valuable—but know the complexity is significant.

You think machine learning is interesting, but know it’s just a ton of stats, under the hood. You have a strong opinion about spatial reference systems. You think that helping someone else solve a problem is as fun as solving it yourself

You are comfortable around AWS, but more than happy to use any cloud—providing you can tie it into a decent continuous integration environment. You know that data often sounds easy, but rarely is.

(There’s a high chance you own a null island teeshirt, but your friends don’t “get it”.)

Technology (in order of preference)
AWS (or comparable)
Circle CI (or comparable)
JavaScript (Angular preferred)
Data formats
Google Maps
Esri Web Suite
Javascript packing
Willingness to learn anything

About Sparkgeo

At Sparkgeo, we focus all of our energy on geospatial technology—and how we can help our client partners harness it. We don’t take on random development projects. Nor do we make maps. Our sole concentration is on the intersection of maps and technology. By limiting our attention to this one area, we’re able to afford clients our very best. If you aren’t fully committed to geospatial technology, Sparkgeo might not be the place for you.