The Analyst I/Geographic Information Systems (GIS) directs electronic mapping, drafting and facility information maintenance. The incumbent maintains current knowledge of all Southwest Gas GIS applications including but not limited to: ESRI ArcGIS, GSA Trimble and GPS Post Processing software and hardware, AutoCAD, Capture &PaperVision Scanning and FieldSmart view.  This position evaluates system performance and enhancement requests from users; creates and executes custom spatial data queries using SQL and/or Python programming language and analyses to support data requests for State, DOT and operations pipe integrity programs; acts as a liaison between their division and corporate GIS System Administrator; and provides leadership in the GIS department in the supervisor’s absence.

This position is regulated by the Department of Transportation (DOT) under Title 49 CFR Part 382 and Part 40.  Any applicant/employee who performs a DOT covered function or is licensed and would operate a commercial vehicle for the Company will be subject to drug and alcohol testing under the Company’s DOT drug and alcohol testing programs.  Any employment, transfer, or promotion offer made for this position is contingent upon taking and passing a drug test prior to the commencement of the new role.  If an applicant/employee fails the drug test, any offer of employment, transfer, or promotion will be revoked.
Act as local GIS administrator
Act as the local AutoCAD Subject Matter Expert (SME)
Act as the local GPS process SME and Division Point of Contact for all GPS Software and Hardware related issues
The Administrator of PaperVision, creating and maintaining user accounts and access levels
Provide expertise and demonstrate familiarity with the GIS software principles, methods and procedures
Develop and execute custom spatial queries and analyses
Utilize Structured Query Language (SQL) to enhance the method for creating analyses and ad hoc queries
Utilize eXtensible Markup Language (XML) to leverage Staff provided ArcMap Toolboxes
Knowledge of the interrelationship between the various feature classes participating in the geometric network and resulting interaction between those feature classes
Update domain info for reference tables utilized in the GIS
Operate and troubleshoot devices associated with the GIS such as plotters, scanners, and printers
Advise and lead the activities of division users on the GIS
Demonstrate familiarity with the applications and functionality of the GIS
Keep and maintain records of maps and facility information
Conduct interim user training on the GIS system as appropriate
Conduct interim user training on AutoCAD as appropriate
Conduct interim user training on GPS software and hardware
Conduct interim user training on Capture & PaperVision software and hardware
Evaluate GIS requests from users by prioritizing the request and reacting accordingly to keep negative business impacts to a minimum
Exhibit ability to think and analyze data in numerical, spatial, and symbolic terms
Troubleshoot and identify problems with the system, repair and/or determine the level of assistance needed
Provide required assistance to Division AutoCAD users
Provide required assistance to Division GPS users
Understand the complete GIS from a functional point of view
Understand how the GIS can best be utilized within the Division’s normal business activities
Maintain active liaison with local and project management, keeping stakeholders informed of projects progress, discussing GIS issues and action items, and making required presentations
Respond to GIS facilities data information requests from any/all departments within the Division
Conduct employee training
Establish and maintain liaison with Division personnel for soliciting input for newGIS applications and enhancements
Ensure compliance with applicable Operations Manual requirements
Review and verify that information placed into the GIS meets the Company posting standards
Maintain system integrity, accuracy, and data quality
Provide custom facility maps for internal and external entities
Automate processes to create more efficient workflows
Assist with emergency response activities. Be subject to “on-call” duty as needed
Perform related duties and responsibilities as assigned
Regular and predictable attendance is a condition of employment and is an essential function of the job

About Southwest Gas

There are clear precedents and practices which the incumbent uses to determine how this job is performed. This position requires one to three years of relevant work experience. This incumbent must possess a valid driver’s license.
It is recommended that the incumbent possess a certification or degree in GIS or related studies. The incumbent must provide innovative thinking and creativity and be able to interact with functional organizations throughout the Divisions. Good oral and written communications skills are needed