Minimum Qualifications

100% – 1. One (1) year GIS software, ArcGIS or ArcServer experience; and

2. Graduation from an accredited or university with a bachelor’s degree in geography, geoscience, earth science, engineering, computer science or related field: OR

3. An equivalent combination of related education and/or experience.

4. Successful completion of classes in GIS, computer science, geography, civil engineering preferred.


Duties and Responsibilities

1. Coordinates activities relating the development and maintenance of geospatial data in the development and assists in the implementation of the enterprise GIS system for Shelby County Government.

2. Implements, operates, and populates spatial and non-spatial information; uses GIS software to analyze spatial and non-spatial information.

3. Develops ArcMap projects/layouts for the fulfillment of data requests as necessary; and designs cartographic and other visual graphic output.

4. Updates existing geospatial data sets and assists in the creation of new data based on project requirements; and communicates geospatial ideas and concepts across a wide spectrum of audiences and creates applicable curricula

5. Assists in the technical support of existing geospatial applications for the various agencies of County government by generating and maintaining geodatabase layers and associated attribute information.

6. Travels, occasionally, to gather field data for Engineering, Roads and Bridges departments and possibly other agencies on a project basis; and assists with GIS mobile data collection processes such as ArcPad, Arc GIS for iOS or other related data collection technologies.

7. Performs advanced GIS functions including modeling, scripting and some application development, as needed.

8. Develops a scanning and geo-referencing program with the County Engineering Department to provide a spatial solution to engineering plans and programs requiring a geospatial element, as needed.

9. Prepares, u pdates, and maintains graphic displays databases, reports, statistical information and maps as requested.

10. Assists in the collection of mapping of land use, environmental and other types of data for comprehensive plans.

11. Performs other related duties as assigned or directed.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

KSAs and Others – 1. Knowledge of geospatial applications, data update, creation and analysis, and web programming activities.

2. Knowledge of electronic data processing, including use of personal computers and GIS workstations.

3. Knowledge and skilled in computers-aided drafting techniques (CADD Systems).

4. Ability to develop revisions to current and implement future GIS applications.

5. Knowledge of plane – coordinate map systems.

6. Knowledge of legal descriptions.

7. Ability to use custom software to perform interactive file manipulations.

8. Ability to assist various agencies in initial project development and assist in implementation.

9. Ability to recognize and translate various data sets in a spatially oriented context.

10. Ability to interact professionally with co-workers, management and the general public.

11. Ability to exercise initiative and independent judgment to arrive at logical solutions to GIS related problems.

12. Ability to communicate effectively in a verbal and non-verbal manner; and communicate geospatial ideas and concepts across a wide spectrum of audiences and create applicable curricula for tailored classes a plus.

About Shelby County Government

Works under the general direction of Administrator and serves as support staff coordinator for the ReGIS Office, within Information Technology Services division.

Shelby County Government is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, sex, disability, national origin, political affiliation, age, or any other legally protected status. Shelby County Government participates in E-Verify, Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/H/V