GIS Engineering Technician Support Services:

Creates/maintains utility GIS data in the Navy Data Model.Gather existing data from a variety of sources, including text files, drawing in CADD, GIS data, data base tables, graphics, etc. Convert older files, to the standard Navy Data Model.
Collect GIS data in the field through direct survey.
Attribute utility GIS data to Navy Data Model standards. § Linking GIS data to both property records (via NFA ID) and Maximo (via Maximo Location and Equipment No)
Performs QA/QC of data and enforces data standards.
Create geo-networked utility data sets.
Support installation PWDs, EURAFSWA and LANT PWBL staff by providing o Produce utility maps for the EURAFSWA Region in a variety of formats raging from hard-copy map books to electronic CADD drawings, and by preparing custom maps.Performs analysis throughout the EURASWA Region through site visits, interviews with, and/or discussions among users of existing computer-based databases, review of historical records and/or files and prepares reports of such findings.
Provides technical GIS expertise in support of planning programs and initiatives, and coordination and consultation to supported Commands to resolve specific facilities/ utility planning and land use development issues. Incumbent prepares study reports/planning products containing methodology, findings, and recommendations with supporting justification and graphics (also develops, prepares, and presents oral briefings of same)
Collects, integrates, and analyses GIS data focusing on the utilities aspect in facility planning applications for site selection, budgeting, and design review.
Remains current with Navy and Industry GIS data standards and software applications.
Produces GIS products using ArcGIS Desktop applications and extensions.
Track updates performed in GIS and iNFADS and provide a monthly report of such updates.

Mandatory Qualifications (Education, Certifications, Experience, Skills)
Certifications, Licenses, Physical Requirements or Other Expertise Required:

Geospatial Information System (GIS) Engineering Technicians support services for NAVFAC EURFSWA:

Certificate in Geographic Information Systems Professional (GISP) or the European/Southwest Asian equivalent.)
Professional training and experience (at least 3 years) in GIS Management, and/or geography and a working knowledge of urban/military or community planning.
Specific Knowledge in the development of user-oriented systems that integrate client/server databases, GIS tools, and web serving technology.
Proficiency in using software such as ESRI ArcGIS 10.x, Microsoft Office Suite, and have knowledge of AutoCAD.
Knowledge of prevailing practices in similar activities, agencies, and private sector in the area of computer-based facilities and land use inventory, GIS, management, and planning systems to better advise end-users of potential options.
Knowledgeable in the following Navy initiatives/systems: GeoReadiness Repository, GRX, maintenance and Analysis Environment, as well as the spatial data standards for facilities, infrastructure, and environment (SDSFIE data standards).
Knowledge in utility system engineering design, construction, management and contracting; Navy policies and procedures regarding real property inventory management; and knowledge of the various stages of the Shore Facilities Planning System.
GIS Analysts shall possess at least a Bachelor of Science/Art degree (or European/Southwest Asian equivalent) that sufficiently prepares the incumbent to conduct facilities planning and management of utilities real property in Navy Region EURAFSWA using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) interfacing with the internet Navy Facilities Assets Data Store (iNFADS) and communicate effectively with a range of levels within the organization.
Ability to write and speak fluent English in order to provide reports and make presentations to Government personnel.
Demonstrated knowledge of Maximo or other similar Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS).
Ability to perform strenuous activity while working outdoors in extreme heat or cold, working in confined spaces, climbing and using fall protection equipment. Assigned Contractor personnel must present medical certificate of physical qualification showing that they are physically capable of performing the tasks outlined in the PWS.
Demonstrated knowledge of safety and occupational health principles, practices, procedures, laws and regulations as they relate to maintenance performance requirements. (Outlined in the EM-385-1-1 and 29 CFR). 5.A.13 – Must successfully pass required security background investigation, see paragraph 10 for complete security requirements.
Security Clearance Requirements:  Must be able to pass background check to obtain CAC card


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