In this role you will:

Independently provides GIS products and services in accordance with the currently funded Common Output Level for all or a portion of the bases in the AOR as assigned.
Serves as a technical advisor to the GeoReadiness Center (GRC) Manager and participates on US Navy-wide GIS teams as assigned.
Reviews and analyzes issues and problems for all assigned installations and organization components to ensure extensive and complete merging of functional concerns affecting the accomplishment of projects.
Responsible for maintaining and creating GIS data in a Spatial Database Engine (SDE) and/or Personal/File GeoDatabases for all or assigned installations.
Responsible for reviewing and performing Quality Assurance/Quality Control, (QA/QC) of versioned GIS data prior to posting and reconciling the GIS data to the local SDE Geodatabase for accuracy and currency for all or assigned installations, Business Lines and other organization components.
Responsible for creating and maintaining GIS foundation and mission layers, symbology, template and map files for all or assigned installations and other organization components.
Responsible for collecting and maintaining Navy Data Model (NDM) data layers.
Develops and compiles remotely sensed multi-spectral data and/or manipulates data using GIS techniques. Identifies and collects existing national and regional datasets as well as specific project data from various data sources and formats such as maps, relational databases, digital aerial photography, satellite imagery and published reports.
Develops and manages geospatial databases and identifies methodologies and applications for the manipulation and analyses of geospatial data to achieve stated objectives.
Conducts geospatial analyses related to the human, social, cultural, economic, ecological, and physical environment.
Locates, collects, maintains and updates GIS data (electrical, water, wastewater, natural gas, thermal, etc.) for the main installation and special areas to reflect iNFADS and MAXIMO additions, deletions and changes.
Identify and document geospatial data features that need to be migrated to SDSFIE. Convert all geospatial features to SDSFIE, and populate all required attribute information according to prescribed data standards.
Performs spatial data collection using GPS or remote sensing techniques.
Responsible for maintaining and creating ArcGIS maps, GeoReadiness Explorer (GRX), Portal maps, Regional Base Maps, (RBM), and other GRC maps assigned by the GRC Manager for all or assigned installations and other organization components.
Ensures that all REGION GIS data, ArcGIS maps, GRX, maps, RBM and other GRC maps assigned by the GRC Manager for all or assigned installations and other organization components are current and reviewed at a minimum frequency of once a quarter or more frequently as specified by DoD, CNO and/or IGI&S Policy, Instructions, Directive or Guidance.

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