Education & ExperienceBA plus 3 years experience

or 7 years experience in interpreting and analyzing demographic data, community and redevelopment planning, or related field.

Job Duties & ResponsibilitiesGeographic Information Systems
• Order and maintain equipment needed to perform coordination with GIS management
• Coordinate a wide-range of GIS application development and GIS based-solutions
• Prepares and performs reports, documentation, stock maps and plots, standardized maps, and display images
• Develop, test and implement GIS applications

• Require to have a broad understanding of basic research and statistical methods
• Synthesize data from a variety of disciplines
• Research and survey data in area of specialty required for planning process
• Responsible for acquiring and maintaining research data on geographic, demographics, and environmental features of a specific region for use in the planning, response and recovery efforts.
• Perform research, documentation, entry and verification of spatial and attribute data

• Prepare clear, concise and complete reports and other written material
• Communicate clearly and concisely orally and in writing
• Translate and convert mapping data

Program Support
• Provide technical expertise in programming and systems analysis to department users
• Assess GIS user department needs; plan and execute the goals and objectives of the GIS Master Plan document
• Provide technical advice and consultation
• Analyze data to produce information as needed by departments
• Monitor system use and provide training & support at appropriate levels for staff

About Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment

This position will require the incumbent to be able to analyze and interpret demographic data, create detailed maps that convey information simply, and posses a firm understanding of the planning process. The ideal candidate will be able to organize disparate data sets into concise written and graphic reports, integrate the use of other software packages (ArcView, AutoCAD, etc) into current applications, and provide technical expertise to management and staff. Additional duties may include assisting staff in project and policy development activities, making presentations, and conducting research.