Your objective will be to establish and expand our Pix4D Training and Education Solution and offering. The Pix4D Training offering includes: user workshops, certification, consultancy services and internal training. The Pix4D Education Solution includes Pix4Dmapper being software of choice for instructors in all the universities and post secondary institutions that teach drone mapping and photogrammetry. The ideal candidate has a solid scientific background, strong organizational and project coordination skills, business development experience, some experience with training (organizing and/or conducting) and a desire to evolve in a fast growing technology company.


Pix4D is an Equal Opportunity Employer.




Understand markets and user needs
Propose the Training offering (what: workshops/ personal, certification, how: online/on site for whom: users/resellers, price)
Propose the Education offering (Pix4Dmapper as a learning tool at Universities and post-secondary institutions worldwide)
Propose roadmaps (e.g. prioritize among modules, languages, scalability)
Propose the target audience and the promotion strategies for both solutions (website, newsletters, discounts, bundling with licenses, enterprise training, university courses)
Propose payment methods and automatize the system for gathering data
Coordinate the training offerings by all Pix4D subsidiaries (i.e. CH, US, DE, CN)
Coordinate/optimize logistics
Propose and coordinate internal and resellers’ training solutions (globally)
Ensure that all projects are delivered on-time, within scope and within budget
Understand Pix4D’s software and applications and stay up to date with improvements
Propose and manage KPIs and success criteria for Pix4D Training and Education solutions
Get involved with other Support and Marketing tasks (as needed)

About Pix4D

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