Job Title:  Survey & Engineering, Field Crew


Field positions responsible for  surveying and engineering field work.  Collect information needed to carry out new surveys, using maps, robotic survey equipment, and photographs.

Multiple opportunities statewide.

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About Morgan Engineering

Morgan Engineering LLC was established in 1993 as a professional organization composed of various civil engineers, planners, land surveyors and landscape architects. Since our conception, we have continued to grow the size of our team and the complexity of our projects.

We pride ourselves on our collaborative approach with our client partners. We ask thoughtful questions and listen carefully to the answers. We strive to understand our clients’ needs and expectations, and we use our knowledge and experience to achieve those shared goals. In the end, the passion and hard work we put into every project is matched by the dedication and care we pour into our relationships. Our personalized, client-centered approach is what grows and maintains our partnerships.