GEO Jobe is looking for a Junior Solution Engineer that is committed to growth and willing to learn the required skills to become a full Solution Engineer. As a result of this being an entry level position, displaying discipline and willingness to learn is of the utmost importance.

Responsibilities of a Solution Engineer ( which is the position this eventually grows into ) generally include:

Assisting the development team in testing our products that are used by over 4,000 clients globally. These products include some of the ArcGIS Marketplace’s top applications such as Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online and Mapfolio.
Working with ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise to configure various ESRI applications. i.e: Collector for ArcGIS, Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS, Configurable Templates, Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS, etc.
Managing geodatabase synchronization and replicas for GEOPowered Cloud clients
Supporting our robust UAV operations including the post processing, tile caching, and QA / QC of remotely sensed data.
Job Requirements
4 Year Degree in Geography, Computer Science, or a related field
Experience with ArcGIS Desktop
A passion for GIS and technology
Commitment to the team and discipline to learn the craft

Some experience with ArcGIS Online

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About GEO Jobe

Imagine yourself walking in each morning to a group of friends who are glad to see you, as well as you them. Communication is free-flowing and your voice and opinions are taken into consideration and not disregarded. A shared passion for moving geo-spatial technology forward permeates the environment. This is GEO Jobe. GEO Jobe’s continual goal is to expand and advance the use of geo-spatial technology for the benefit of those around the globe. We are always seeking the best, brightest, and most passionate in the geo-spatial technology industry to join our team. We invite you to look around our site to get a better understanding of our passion and how you can become a part of it.