He/she understands watershed ecology and nutrient cycling, and works with the Science & Restoration Coordinator to ensure that best available science drives plan implementation. The Watershed Coordinator works with both municipal and agricultural sectors. They develop operational plans for pollution control and habitat restoration, tracks and reports their progress, and coordinates their revision as necessary. The Watershed Coordinator has significant grant writing and grant administration responsibilities and will oversee contractors and/or an employee. The Coordinator has knowledge of watershed pollution models and control techniques, environmental policies and ordinances, and can facilitate agreements. Principal Duties and ResponsibilitiesWorks with a high degree of independence, while communicating and strategizing regularly with the Executive Director and Science & Restoration Coordinator.
May manage a small number of contractors or a staff person.
Responsible for the implementation, tracking, reporting, and update of the CCMP and related plans.
Develop and lead a CCMP Implementation Committee consisting of high-level staff of conservation partner organizations.
Develop annual implementation action plans and commitments to meet interim implementation milestones.
Manages or assists in the management of a watershed nutrient loading model for the Inland Bays to assess progress toward meeting Total Maximum Daily Load regulations.
Researches cost-efficient best management practices for water quality and habitat and uses this information to prioritize plan implementation actions.
Seek and manage grants related to planning and plan implementation including water quality practices in urban and rural environments.
Work with government agencies to ensure that land use, transportation and other policies are in accordance with implementing the CCMP.
Communicates regularly with a wide variety of audiences on watershed restoration.
Develop annual workplans and budgets.
Write contracts and track grant expenses.
Other tasks as assigned by the Executive Director.

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The Watershed Coordinator works under the supervision of the Executive Director and collaborates closely with Center staff. The Watershed Coordinator is an experienced planner who develops organizational partnerships that result in leveraged financial resources necessary for the implementation of the Inland Bays Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan (CCMP).