The contractor shall be provided with a 1-day indoctrination of the uploading process once security clearance, a DoD Common Access Card (CAC), and access to the NAVFAC portal has been granted. Training will include, but is not limited to FRED, current file/directory structure and means to QA/QC the electronic files.


Obtaining necessary base passes and CAC cards via the Project Contract Specialist
Completing a SAAR-N form within five (5) days of the task order award and submitted to the Asset Management Business Line Coordinator or his/her designated representative
Creating a work plan that consists of a set of milestones and obtaining approval prior to its implementation
Obtaining 1-day FRED training
Upload New As-Built Drawings to FRED
When projects are completed, Project Managers, Construction Managers, APWOs, etc. will provide as-built drawings to be uploaded to FRED
Contractor may be required to scan hard copy red line drawings to Acrobat PDF (electronic) format (as necessary)
For each folder at the lowest level, upload the Acrobat PDF files using FRED
Scan, Collate and Upload Existing Hard Copy Drawings in Hickam Vault
Use current methodology for scanning existing drawings based upon flat file drawers and annotating which plans have been scanned
Work with Hickam CAD/GIS section in obtaining scanned electronic drawings which can be uploaded into FRED
Complete process of scanning, collating and uploading within 5 business days (turnaround time) to ensure that existing hard copies are available for planning, engineering, and maintenance purposes
Randomly sample 5% of the drawings uploaded ensuring the drawing can be downloaded/saved and opened in Adobe Acrobat
Backup drawing library to the external hard drives from the existing server on a weekly basis
Progress Reports
Provide monthly progress reports every Friday to the Asset Management Business Line Coordinator or his/her designated representative
Revised Drawing Repository for 59 Special Areas/Categories adding approximately 1000 new project files
Drawing Investigation ReportsMonthly progress reports identifying # of drawings uploads and/or discrepancies resolved


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