This position analyzes parks & wildlife spatial data; provides a wide range of geographic-based services and expertise to the Division of Parks & Wildlife: responding to direct requests for GIS products and services, which involves data acquisition, evaluation and assimilation, and the use of complex cartographic techniques for data analysis and display; programming of scripts to automate GIS processes; providing advice on implementing GIS, geographic and geospatial principles to wildlife-related projects; interacting with outside agencies and their representatives to disseminate or exchange data with wildlife management functionality; within Unit guidelines, sets priorities and balances workflow and production deadlines.  Duties include:

Integrates data from CPW staff to produce geospatial datasets and uses GIS based spatial data to construct models regarding wildlife use of land.
Responsible for CPW master parcel dataset.
Conducts mapping research, to resolve conflicting information and ensure accuracy of the data; map information and implement changes according to needs of project.
Analyze spatial and attribute data and display data through the use of maps, reports, charts and tables using plotters and printers.
Prepare technical presentations on data using the GIS interface and using graphics software to view and present images and results of analysis.
Responsible for planning, organizing and directing assigned projects within pre-determined guidelines.
Performs a wide range of geospatial tasks for GIS products (maps) and services (analysis) including map design/production, and data analysis.
Provides expertise to CPW with GIS-related requests and assists with project design and ensures that projected needs are met.
Uses remotely-sensed imagery and digital map products to interpret ground features and build base map layers for data display.
Collaborates with GIS and IT professionals to coordinate work and resolve technical issues associated with hardware and software resources.
Maintains current on latest developments in theory and application of GIS, and implements and provides training to staff.
Other duties as assigned.
Minimum Qualifications, Substitutions, Conditions of Employment & Appeal Rights

Graduation from an accredited college or university with a Bachelor of Science or Arts degree in geography, conservation biology, fishery/wildlife biology, natural resource management, or a field of study closely related to the work assignment AND two years of professional experience in the field of geography or wildlife/conservation biology with experience with ESRI Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software suite.


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