The City uses ESRI’s ArcGIS software suite. Examples of duties include, but are not limited to: data maintenance; data interpretation and conversion from various sources including: engineering plans, tract maps, assessor records, land records, infrastructure documents, and other external data sources; develop process documentation and metadata for geographic data sets and feature classes; create new maps and exhibits as needed, and update existing map products using ArcGIS software; extract and compile statistical information and generate reports; and assist other staff with using GIS software, interpreting GIS data, and addressing GIS-related issues and questions.


Research methods and techniques related to collecting, analyzing, and evaluating geographic data; principles and concepts of using GIS with relational database management systems (RDBMS); GIS concepts such as datum and projections, coordinate systems, cartographic principals and database relationships; methods and techniques used for interpreting maps of various media such hard copy maps, aerial photos, and data conversion; software and hardware used in GIS data processing; municipal engineering concerns and concepts; engineering drawings and plans, and datasets such as survey, sanitary sewer, and storm water.


Create and maintain the data in the Geographic Information System (GIS) with a high level of detail and accuracy; use ArcGIS software for tasks such as coordinate geometry (COGO) input, joining and relating datasets, feature editing techniques, map production, and attribute data entry; supply various users with a central data source for multiple purposes such as reports, charts, maps etc.; assist users with the creation of data sets to fulfill these requests; research problems and requests and proactively develop innovative and creative solutions using collaborative problem solving techniques; meet schedules and timelines; apply policies and procedures related to the assigned duties and responsibilities of the position; understand and carry out both oral and written directions; establish and maintain effective relationships with those contacted in the course of work; and operate a vehicle observing legal and defensive driving practices.

About City of Vista, CA

This position is under the City of Vista classification of Information Technology Technician. This position will assist in updating and maintaining the City's geographic data. The incumbent will work directly with the GIS Coordinator and Engineering staff, and will provide GIS support to the Engineering Department and other City of Vista Departments as needed.

In this community of over 101,000 residents, the City of Vista provides a wide array of services ranging from public safety and public works as well as recreation and cultural services. City departments/functions include: City Attorney, City Clerk, Community Development, Economic Development, Engineering, Finance, Fire/EMS, General Government, Recreation & Community Services, and Public Works. Vista contracts with the San Diego Sheriff's Department for law enforcement services. The City itself boasts 14 community parks, which selectively feature theaters, museums, recreation centers, picnic grounds, athletic fields and specialty sports parks.