• Organizes, directs, and participates in the development, maintenance, and utilization of the City’s GIS. Analyzes the feasibility of application requests; creates and integrates new data sources; ensures ongoing and appropriate development of base maps and associated layers; designs, documents, implements, and tests the GIS end user applications; and assists other staff in utilizing GIS through training and development of interfaces.
• Coordinates data gathering and production of all maps and related geographical data for all city departments. Acts as project manager and consults with department directors regarding GIS needs and requirements.
• Protects the integrity of the GIS data and applications. Develops, implements, coordinates, and maintains internal technical standards for GIS resources; assures that data quality standards are consistently enforced; and participates in the development and testing of an appropriate disaster recovery plan.
• Organizes, maintains and develops the City’s asset management system within the GIS database. Coordinates asset inventories and data management for all City Departments.
• Assists in guiding City policy in relation to GIS matters. Develops long and short-range goals; develops and implements policies and procedures relating to GIS system maintenance, operations, and services; and assists in defining and providing GIS information.
• Works with other agencies to acquire and implement GIS data and applications.
• Develops and maintains a web mapping system for use by City staff, other governmental agencies and utilities and the general public.
• Recruits, hires and supervises GIS technicians and interns working on City GIS.
• Identifies resources and establishes project objectives and timelines and develops city-wide standards for GIS deployment and use
• Identifies areas of the City’s processes that can be improved by integrating GIS or spatial software, or efficiencies that can be gained using automated tasks.
• Assists the IT Department in the administration of ArcEnterprise server.

• Responsible for minor purchases of software and other supplies and makes recommendations for purchasing of software and related hardware on a city wide level.
• Participates in development of budget initiatives for GIS and asset management related projects and programs. May present requests for City Council of other committees.
• Performs occasional desktop computer support for GIS applications as department workload requires.
• Manages the work of technicians and interns in creating, implementing, and maintaining GIS data for the City
• Serves as a representative for the City on all matters relating to spatial data and geographic information to both the public and the City.
• Protects the integrity of the City’s GIS data and application, and cultivates a cartographic style of City GIS products.

About City of Sun Prairie

Performs work of considerable technical difficulty. This position requires a well-trained individual with both educational and professional experience within a very specialized field. Individual needs to be highly technical, analytical, and have the ability to communicate with others with various degrees of knowledge. This position specializes in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), land records database development, analysis, asset management and mapping. Helps develop GIS and asset management capabilities among departments.