• Serve as a technical lead for GIS enterprise systems:  data management – geodatabase design, database optimization, data integrity, data acceptance testing, data loading, metadata development and production database automation; application management – needs assessment, system architecture, implementation processes, software installation, integration testing, system acceptance testing, performance tuning, documentation, and system rollout. E
• Diagnose and resolve problems related to GIS software, web services, permissions, databases, printers and mobile devices. E
• Implement and integrate 3rd party software packages that utilize GIS technology. E
• Plan and execute software upgrades, ensuring version compatibilities. E
• Construct scalable GIS systems and web services that are able to serve new purposes or improve a workflow. E
• Support and maintain legacy systems and software tools. E
• Perform complex data manipulation for data migration, data analysis, generation of custom reports. E
• Perform complex spatial analysis, using spatial queries, dynamic segmentation, and network analysis. E
• Produce custom, publication-quality maps and illustrations, adhering to the City’s general design guidelines and the GIS division’s cartographic standards. E
• Provide high-quality, detailed consultation services to city departments, technical support and troubleshooting, with an emphasis on customer satisfaction. E
• Maintain detailed, up-to-date documentation of GIS procedures, designs and code, and write metadata. E
• Maintain knowledge of current GIS methods, applications and database technologies through professional literature, product research, and continuing education. E
• Serve as backup to other staff performing IS and GIS functions in the organization, to ensure continuity of services and support. E
• Maintain regular, predictable attendance during regularly scheduled work hours. E
• Work a flexible schedule, which may occasionally include evenings and weekends. E
• Perform other duties as assigned.

E denotes an essential function of the job.
Required Education and Experience:
• Bachelor’s degree in geography, geomatics, computer science, or related field
• A minimum of five years of related GIS experience
• Experience with ESRI ArcGIS 10.x Desktop, ArcSDE, ArcGIS Server, Python
• A combination of education, training and experience

• Working knowledge of  Geocortex Essentials, Cityworks Extension for Geocortex Essentials, and Geocortex Workflows
• Experience with SQL Server, ArcGIS Online or Portal, web services, MS Visio or other UML design tools
• Experience with C#, .NET, MS Visual Studio
• Experience working in an enterprise GIS team environment
• Experience with municipal GIS

• Principles of geography and mapping sciences, including coordinate systems, projections and units, and cartography
• Principles and practices of geographic information systems, the ArcGIS suite of integrated applications, GPS and mobile technology
• Principles and practices of multi-user geospatial database development and maintenance.
• Principles of Structured Query Language (SQL) for querying databases to extract information and build data reports
• Principles and practices of application development for desktop and web technologies
• Principles and practices of cartographic design, including different approaches for print media, digital products, and interactive web-based maps
• Principles and practices of creating and maintaining metadata for spatial and other data, and documentation of project methodology
• Research methods, data collection and statistical analysis
• Skill in ArcSDE administration, including installation and configuration of software, creating and administering ArcSDE geodatabases, managing permissions, in a MS SQL Server environment
• Skill in MS SQL Server administration in support of ArcSDE geodatabases, and for integration of programs that share data between SQL databases
• Skill in ArcGIS Server administration, including installation and configuration, managing permissions, monitoring and tuning for performance
• Skill in managing rights, permissions and security with MS Active Directory
• Skill in web mapping technology and components, including  HTML5, Silverlight, .NET, JavaScript API, CSS3, IIS, REST, XML
• Skill in use of web mapping components to create, publish, and consume web-based content using REST-based ArcGIS services
• Skill in trouble-shooting client/server computer systems and networks, web, and mobile technologies
• Use of advanced ArcGIS Desktop spatial analytic tools, including ArcGIS extensions
• Skill in editing spatial data in a versioned, ESRI SDE geodatabase environment, enforcing topology rules, and maintaining complex data types that include subtypes and event layers
• Skill in scripting and creating tools for recurring processes to manipulate and port data, using Model Builder, ArcPy, python, SQL
• Excellent interpersonal skills for establishing and maintaining effective working relationships
• Ability to demonstrate excellent organization, time management, problem solving and    planning skills to meet schedules and timelines
• Ability to work independently with little supervision
• Ability to work in a team environment to help solve complex problems
• Ability to communicate technical ideas in non-technical terms to assist staff in understanding and using GIS applications
• Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing
• Ability to maintain a patient, tactful and courteous demeanor while providing good customer service
• Ability to work in a multicultural work-place and with diverse customers, emphasizing communication for cooperation, collaboration, and inclusiveness

Work Description : Performs technical and administrative work planning, organizing, and co-directing the valuation of property assessment for the purpose of taxes, creation of GIS land records and maps for the County. Work requires strong technology skills and knowledge of related NC General Statues. Work is performed under the supervision of the County Tax Assessor and is reviewed through conferences, records and reports, and feedback from the Tax Assessor and by the NC Department of Revenue and Property Tax Commission.

Essential Duties and Tasks: Provides customer service by telephone and in person; answers inquiries about tax listings, property records, property valuations, listing procedures and requirements; assists customers with use of on-line GIS maps; refers customers to others as necessary. Assists taxpayers to list property; reviews forms and corrects errors; sorts form according townships as they are received through mail; stamps late forms for penalties; alphabetizes forms; enters listing changes into data base and balances by township; puts listing forms in books according to abstracts. Issues applications for exempt properties; audit one eighth of all accounts that have exemptions applied to them including farm use audits, senior exemptions, churches, etc. Notes deed transfers on tax cards and revenue stamps; writes parcel ID number on deed originals. Lists business personal property and enters into database; mails valuation notification; reconcile any change; request business IRS records; update depreciation schedules. Sends out work sheets to mobile home park owners to list mobile homes including owner, size, type and lot number; enter updates into data base; verify ownership; reconcile number of mobile homes with number of authorized trash cans. Issues discovery and omitted bills with penalty calculations; researches boat ownership through Wildlife office for discovery purposes. Picks up, sorts and reviews mail. Keys a variety of data into tax listing data base including tax listings, values of personal property; situs of property, address changes, etc. Adjusts vehicle values for high mileage or bill of sale; coordinates vehicle valuation issues with License Plate Agency staff; verifies when tags are turned in; updates trailer values in NCVTS; corrects default addresses and transfers default addresses to other counties for owners living in other counties. Reviews and signs off on survey maps to be recorded; checks for signatures, dates, directional scale, and seal; sends copy to Register of Deeds. Prints and issues tax cards to customers with property information such as value, square footage, size, parcel ID, deed book and page number, previous sale prices and dates, number of rooms, etc. Plans, organizes, and participates in a four to eight year revaluation process; participates in the appraisal processes and appeals; assigns addresses; works with 911 to maintain up to date records. Creates GIS land records and tax maps; creates overlays of fire districts, voter districts, County Commissioner districts, municipal boundaries, water system maps, etc. Performs deed transfers, researches property ownership . Explains tax laws, policies and procedures to property owners, attorneys, real estate specialists, and to the general public.

About City of SeaTac

Under direction of the GIS Coordinator/Analyst, the GIS Systems Analyst serves as a technical expert supporting an enterprise GIS program housed in the City's Information Systems division. The employee occupying this position will be responsible for the development, implementation and maintenance of geodatabases and software tools for performing a broad range of technically complex duties on multiple computing platforms and for integrating map services into user applications. As a member of the IS/GIS team, this position addresses the needs of internal customers, researches and solves information technology problems, generates reliable, publication quality information products, provides high quality customer service and support for users of the systems and provides training to staff.