Under general supervision, provides programming, analysis and communication capabilities for computer related information technology systems to support the Departmental, User Client and City Administration mission statements under the leadership of Systems Developer Leaders. Capable of performing work of moderate to considerable difficulty in the analysis, maintenance, revision and/or development of computer related systems and any related work required for complete client support. Performs additional work as required.

Applicant will work under the City’s GIS Coordinator and directly with staff in the Department of Information Technology and with customers in other agencies as a Systems Developer. The position will focus on maintenance of enterprise GIS workflows, automation, and provisioning of GIS-based solutions for improving business operations and geospatial decision-making capabilities within several Richmond departments. The applicant must possess the ability to apply GIS expertise in multiple domains. GIS integration supports multiple computerized systems used by City agencies, ranging from permits and inspections, asset management, computer-aided dispatch, web mapping applications, desktop applications, and more.

Comprehensive knowledge of the ESRI ArcGIS platform is a core requirement for this position. The applicant must possess skills and experience in the following areas:ESRI ArcGIS Suite (Desktop, Pro, Server/Enterprise, AGOL)
GIS Development Skills (Python, ArcPy, Model Builder)
Geospatial Data Creation, Conversion, Maintenance, Modelling
GIS Analysis
GIS Workflows
Cartography and Graphic Design
Web Mapping Applications
Mobile GIS
Additional Preferred Skills:ArcGIS Server/Enterprise Version 5.0+
ArcGIS Portal
GIS Server Architectures
GIS Web Services (ArcGIS Server)
Project Management Experience
Knowledge of the Systems Development Lifecycle
MS SQLServer Database Experience (security, SQL, View design)
.Net Framework (C#)

About City of Richmond

The City of Richmond's Department of Information Technology is seeking a highly qualified and motivated technical resource to provide support for the City's Enterprise GIS program.

The Systems Developer position requires a dedicated and focused self-starter who is capable of multi-tasking, has excellent communication skills with both business and Information Technology and is interested in learning more about the organization. This position requires expertise and skills in ESRI's ArcGIS platform.