The Smart City Coordinator collaborates with Enterprise IT staff, City (Departmental) stakeholders, partners, vendors, and members of the community to implement the Smart City strategy ensuring that the City’s Smart City projects are well-coordinated; comply with City laws, policies, and standards; are designed and implemented to meet business needs and the goals of the City.  The role also ensures that Smart City solutions are supportable and maintainable by Enterprise IT and appropriate City departmental staff, and are aligned with the community’s interests and vision.

The Coordinator is also a resource to City departments who are planning Smart City projects to assist them in developing their projects; help shepherd projects through the project governance and procurement processes; and ensure the projects can be successful.
The Coordinator also serves as an advisor and resource on Smart City trends, and best practices.  The Coordinator, in conjunction with the Enterprise GIS and Emerging Technologies Manager, helps City departments envision “the art of the possible” with regard to Smart City technologies, helps them research and evaluate potential solutions, and helps them derive insights and intelligence from the analysis of data collected by Smart City projects.
The Coordinator will also help represent the City of Raleigh along with our partners at N.C. State University as part of the MetroLab Network.

Finally, the Coordinator develops relationships and conducts outreach with the community by developing information, education, and feedback opportunities so that members of the community can learn how the City is using Smart City technology and how it is ensuring responsible management of the technology and data.

Typical Qualifications

Collaborate with City departments who are working to devise Smart City solutions to ensure that the City’s Smart City projects are well-coordinated and align with strategy.
Assist departments in managing, analyzing, and interpreting data produced through Smart City implementations in conjunction with the Enterprise Data and Productivity Manager.
Serve as project coordinator for the City’s MetroLab initiative, a collaborative Smart City project in partnership with N.C. State University.
Serve as a resource to help departments ensure that Smart City projects comply with City laws, policies, and standards, and are designed and implemented to meet business needs and the goals of the City.
Work with appropriate Enterprise IT teams within Infrastructure and Operations; Applications and Data; and Security and Compliance to consult with staff on Smart City projects that are being proposed and planned.
Ensure that projects are supportable and maintainable by Enterprise IT.
Ensure City standards of project management, technology, procurement, security, privacy, social equity, data management, and performance are factored into the design of Smart City projects.
In tandem with the Enterprise GIS and Emerging Technology Manager, Maintain a high level of education and awareness of developments in the Smart City space. Attend meetings, demos, conferences, and other events that are relevant to maintaining a current understanding of Smart City technologies.
Work closely with the City’s Economic and Innovation Office on engaging the community through public outreach events. Ensure that members of the public have opportunities to learn about Smart City projects and to provide feedback.
Work closely with the Enterprise Data Manager to ensure that Smart City data is made available to the public per the City’s Open Data Policy.
Work closely with the Economic Development and Innovation Office and Office of Sustainability to ensure that Smart City initiatives are helping further the City’s digital and social equity goals.
Preferred Experience: At least 3 years of experience working in the public and/or government sector in a role that involved planning, procurement, deployment, and support of technology solutions.
Experience leading stakeholder engagement processes to work with others to solve problems collaboratively.
Experience working with Smart City technologies and data, Internet of Things technologies, and user-centered design approaches.
Experience in managing complex projects within a structured reporting framework, on time, to budget. and to client satisfaction.
Experience with municipal policies and regulations required to implement technology solutions within the right of way.
High-level communication skills; the ability to convey and impart complex information in an easy-to-understand format, including report writing, slide presentations, diagrams, and data visualizations.

Hiring Range:  $63,930-$110,000 (Promotional Range May Vary)

About City of Raleigh

The Information Technology Department plays a major role in the City's recognition for innovation. For example, the department has recently won awards such as a Next Century Cities Charles Benton Next Generation Engagement Award for proposing innovative programs that will use high-speed broadband to improve civic engagement and democratic participation. In addition, we work with partners in academia and other local governments on forward-thinking initiatives to improve the quality of life, realize a digital future, and foster economic development in Raleigh.