Designs, maintains, and produces digital and hardcopy map images; provides complex data analysis from multiple data sources; maintains geographic information system databases so that they adhere to all established data standards.


Designs and produces digital and hardcopy maps for employees and the public.
Maintains map inventory.
Edits and updates GIS data sets.
Sets standards and best practices.
Plans, develops, and integrates GIS into City computer applications.
Researches, prepares, edits, and updates graphics, reports, applications, and documents for display and/ or publication through automated methods.
Writes and debugs complex programs and applications using various tools.
Creates, updates, and provides new addresses for citizens.
Acts as a representative for the Department of City Planning Addressing Committee.
Supervise sub-ordinate employees.
Updates and inputs data into the City of Pittsburgh Accela Automation system.
Undertakes fieldwork data collection.
Coordinates data for the City of Pittsburgh comprehensive plan.
Automates GIS related functions.
Manages assigned projects (e.g. SNAP Public Data Consolidation Project).
Collects GIS Data via GPS technologies.
Develops citywide GIS databases.
Produces GIS Related documentation.
Produces metadata for GIS.
Develops forms via ArcGIS Online for data collections and databases for new data.
Performs activities and functions of related lower-level personnel as assigned or required.
Performs other related tasks and duties as assigned or required.

About City of Pittsburgh

The City of Pittsburgh, as a matter of policy, conducts pre-employment and promotional background investigations on all candidates being considered for positions.  The background investigation includes but is not limited to criminal background, driver's license and City of Pittsburgh real estate tax payments.  Candidates may be disqualified from consideration from employment based on the results of their background investigation (as it relates to the job for which the applicant is being considered).

NOTE: Candidates being considered for employment will be required to submit official transcripts to verify of their post-secondary education (college/university, trade school, etc.) prior to being hired by the City of Pittsburgh.  Transcripts must be submitted at the time of any/each job interview you have with the City of Pittsburgh.