Reporting to the City of Issaquah Information Technology Manager, the ideal candidate will have a passion for public safety, customer service, and innovation through the application of technology. This position will evaluate, recommend, install and deploy technology solutions for the Issaquah Police Department that may include both hardware and software systems.

Essential Functions:
Serves as liaison with King County e-911 program regarding E-911 technology enhancements and new, computer, telecommunications and web based communications systems.
Maintains and supports current E-911 communications and data systems.
Provides information and advice to, and seeks direction from, Police Commanders in their respective Divisions.  Assists supervisors and other, senior, police command staff with information needed for evaluating the possible impacts and resource and training needs associated with changing, and/or contemplated via Spillman Computer Aided Dispatch, E-911 hardware and software systems.
Works with King County’s E-911 Program Office and the City of Issaquah’s senior, police command staff senior to ensure that E-911 system security and other, related policies and standards are adapted and enforced and implemented.
Prepares functional description of new and revised system changes, including application specifications, user interfaces, data source documentation, data base design, data flow diagrams, project costs, schedules, planning and reporting resource requirements.
Edits the geometry, attributes and metadata of GIS data used by the E-911 system.  Makes edits consistent with City of Issaquah and contract cities standards.
Coordinates with appropriate city departments to acquire new data and resolve any questions and problems.  Data set examples are street centerlines, address points, and emergency service areas.
Keeps the GIS Coordinators of the cities of Issaquah and contact cities apprised of the status of the relevant GIS data sets and works with the Coordinators to resolve any issues that may affect overall enterprise use of the data.
Resolves potential differences in City of Issaquah and contract cities data standards to effectively aggregate data for E-911 use.
Documents the processes necessary for performing E-911 GIS and CAD data maintenance work.
Attendance at local and regional PSAP and E-911 meetings as required.
Follows and enforces all City of Issaquah cybersecurity standards and procedures.
Respond to assigned helpdesk tickets for police systems.
Work with other Information Technology staff to develop solutions, make minor repairs to equipment, and arrange for other servicing needs.
Participate in team technology training regimen to stay current.
Stay current with Spillman and other systems knowledge via workshops, vendor training events and on-line training.

About City of Issaquah

We are looking for a qualified systems analyst for the City of Issaquah Police systems and the Spillman Records Management Software (RMS), Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD), and Jail Management (JMS) modules. This CJIS certified applicant will work with our public safety officers, corrections officers, dispatch team and records management group to support the Spillman application modules, GIS database, and other applications used by each group.