The Primary Duties for this position include:Ability to develop and explain the requirements of developing a Community Wildfire Protection Plans.

Ability to identify, plan, and coordinate effective mitigation measures for CWPP’s.

Establish contact and maintain relationships with new and existing Firewise Communities and successfully navigate the FWC USA process to include recognition.

Ability to effectively conduct Firewise Landscaping training.

Develop and present community education and program materials, conduct public tours and education.

Identify and respond to community issues, concerns, and needs and develop mitigation strategies.

Ability to conduct quantitative and qualitative risk assessments, and demonstrate proficiency in conduction of Home ignition Zone assessment, and participate in presentation of findings from subdivision risk assessment and ability to prioritize communities at risk.

Demonstrate ability to develop a wild fire prevention and educational programs and plan, develop and implement community outreach, and outreach strategies.
Resume and cover letter are required and will not be accepted in lieu of a complete online application. Statements such as “see resume” will not be accepted.

When completing the City of Austin employment application: A detailed, complete employment application helps us to better evaluate your qualifications, and will be used to determine salary if you are selected for this position. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Employees, in Good Standing, who are Candidates within the Department or division that the Position resides in and who Meet the Minimum and the Preferred Qualifications (if any) for the Position will be included in the initial interview. Driving is considered an essential function of this position as driving to/from multiple locations will be required.

Applicants must be at least 18 years old, hold a current applicable driver’s license, and have no more than six (6) points assessed on Driver Record Evaluation ( DRE ).

Please review the City of Austin Driving Standards. DRE will be verified through the Department of Public Safety. Job Offer is contingent on having a driving record that meets the City’s Driver Record Evaluation Standards.

Preferred qualifications for this position include:The ability to work with diverse interests to identify and achieve common goals.

The ability to convey messages clearly and persuasively using excellent written, verbal and public speaking skills.

Excellent organizational skills.

Experience with wildfire prevention, public safety protection, Firewise strategies, and Firewise Community concepts.

Experience with the Firewise Communities USA program and Community Wildfire Protection Plans

Experience with: National Wildfire Coordinating Group, Conducting analysis of wildfire risk

Experience with GIS applications.

About City of Austin

The Austin Fire Department Wildfire Division’s mission is driven by the analysis of the threat of wildfire to life property and natural resources. The recent City Council resolution requires the identification and mitigation of wildfire risk through the development of local level CWPP and Firewise Communities USA