GeoJobsBIZ – Frequently Asked questions:

Who operates GeoJobs.Biz?

We are owned and operated by Spatial Media LLC. You might know us from our GeoTech publications that include, (American Surveyor Magazine), (LiDAR Magazine), and

Is there a cost associated with job posting?

Well, we have to eat as well so the cost is just $99 (We are glad to negotiate a bulk posting / package price with you at any time)

Do I get any other exposure by paying to post a job here?

Well, that’s the benefit of using GeoJobs.BIZ, your job also gets tweeted by @geojobsbiz and our popular @GISuser accounts, we also publish your job on our linkedin board and facebook page

We’d like to advertise our company on the site, can we do this?

Yes indeed, we can offer a banner ad on the site as well as newsletter inclusion. Contact us for more info and rates

Is there options for creating an account for posting large volumes?

Indeed, we can easily set you up with a monthly or annual, unlimited job posting account – we’d like to connect directly for this though. Start by sending a request for more information and pricing to info at

I have 5 jobs to post, can I purchase a bundle?

Yes indeed, send us an email or use the About/Contact form and we can provide you with bundled pricing

If I don’t fill my job can you extend the posting?

Sure thing! We want to ensure that you are happy.

If I mess up can you make corrections for me?

We will gladly make changes and/or edits to your posting for you. Simply contact us via email or using the contact form. If you create an account prior to posting your job you will have edit capabilities.

I don’t use PayPal. Can you invoice us or provide another means for payment?

We can provide you with a link to a secure cart server where you can pay by major credit card. We can also invoice you (and reference a PO#), however, this is normally only done for packages or larger/bulk purchases.

I’m looking for a job, can I post a resume?

Yes, we offer free resume posting. See the top navigation “Resume” option. All resume uploads will need to be approved prior to publishing as a safeguard.

I have a career related article to share. Would you post it on the career blog section?

We’d be glad to share your article. Best to ping us using the contact form (See menu above, About/Contact)

Are you on Twitter?

Yes, you can find us @GeoJobsBIZ

Can I speak with a Rep?

Sure, you can call us (970)460-6837


NOTE: Many posters forget to include important information with their job listings. Be sure to ALWAYS include instructions on how to apply, job location, closing date, website url, company logo

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