Geo Professionals and Preparing for a HOT Career as a Data Scientist

Data science and the data scientist is all the rage these days. No doubt by now you’ve heard the time, perhaps you’ve seen career opportunities for a Data Scientist, and maybe you’ve read a “TOP Careers” article or research finding that has touted the data scientist as one of the hot jobs of our time. Indeed this is a great career path to follow.

In the geospatial arena we are now hearing about job titles and seeing career opportunities that are seeking the Data Scientist. This being a step away from the classic job title so commonly seen in the GIS circles,including GIS Analyst, Spatial programmer, Data Technician, and GIS programmer. Indeed these careers are also plentiful and much of the focus of these careers is on managing, analysing, and sharing data analysis, data workup, statistical summaries, and yes, even maps and charts! When you think about GIS what comes to mind? Yes indeed, data!

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