Tips for Planning Your Next GIS Job Interview

An interesting read from a LinkedIn post… A member of the NZ Emerging Spatial Professionals Group sent me this request, for which I thought my suggestions might also be useful to other people.

Hi Nathan, I’m just wondering if you could offer me some advice, I have my first GIS related interview next week and I’m unsure about the type of question to expect. Do you have an tips or suggestions ? The position is a part-time GIS analyst at…

Standard (and easy) questions

First thing to expect is some straight-forward questions about your qualifications and/or experience. These types of questions are common to any industry and most people expect them and have pre-rehearsed answers for them. Most of the time interviewers ask questions like this first up to help the interviewee relax a bit. Examples of these sorts of questions include:

  • What do you regard as your key strengths that would make you suitable for this position?
  • Can you tell me about a project that you have worked on?
  • What made you interested in taking up GIS/geospatial technology as a career?
  • Etc

Difficult interview questions

Often during an interview questions are asked that are designed to test how an interviewee will respond to questions that are more difficult or for which the interviewee won’t have a pre-rehearsed answer: it is a good idea to plan how you will respond to these types of questions. Examples include:

  • What are your weaknesses?
  • Can you tell me about a situation where things have not gone to plan or have been a failure: how did you handle this situation?
  • Etc

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