First-Of-Its-Kind Program To Re-Skill And Up-Skill Workers For Higher-Paying Jobs In Less Than Three Months

Big Data and competency-based education unite in the RightSkill(SM) program–an exciting new initiative that connects learning and real-world employer demand to help close the skills gap

CareerBuilder® and Capella Education Company, (NASDAQ: CPLA) today announced an exclusive partnership to offer a program called RightSkillSM that aims to fill talent gaps for employers and help job seekers advance their careers. Set to launch this spring, the collaboration represents the first time that real-time labor data will be paired with competency-based education to design educational programs directly aligned with the needs of employers – and it comes with an unprecedented guarantee that is a huge win for participants.

A leading provider of HR software as a service with one of the largest online job sites in the U.S., CareerBuilder works with employers around the world. The company has the largest repository of historical and real-time labor market data, and can make up to 10-year predictions around job growth and labor trends.