What HR managers need to know about Corporate Digital Learning

How can corporations make smart use of learning technologies in order to qualify their employees? iversity and tax and audit advisory company KPMG answer this question with a free online course “Corporate Digital Learning”.

E-learning in companies is gaining momentum. This field is very diverse and dynamic, holds enormous potential, and e-learning technologies have reached a maturity stage. However, many companies continue to have large gaps in knowledge about the most effective use of digital learning. iversity and KPMG have set out to close this gap with the free MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) “Corporate Digital Learning”. The course will begin in February 2016 on the learning platform iversity.org. Participants can already enrol here: https://iversity.org/en/courses/corporate-digital-learning

The course particularly addresses HR professionals: HR managers, coaches, providers of further education and software solutions, learning designers – in short: anyone interested in the future of corporate learning and improving their own “return on education”.