5 Technologies That Make Working From Home a Breeze

Working from the home office. Everyone is doing it and chances are good that you’ve likely worked one or two days this month from the comfort of your own home. Technological advances, web services, the cloud and other useful resources have made the stay at home shift no only possible, but easy – and convenient!  This isn’t ideally suitable for everyone, particularly those who’s job requires some face to face contact or perhaps the boss simply needs to keep you under watch. It sounds easy, and perhaps it sounds fun, however, after working remotely at least part time for 15 years now, I can say comfortably that it really isn’t ideal for everyone.

Tips for working from home Credit: Actionablebooks

The home worker needs to be organized, trusted, and passionate about their job. Distractions are plentiful and need to be handled accordingly, however, with a properly designed, professional work space it can be accomplished by pretty much anyone. Physical space aside, there’s plenty of great technology out there that can enable you to be just as productive from the home office as you would be in your cubicle.

I depend on a number of apps, services to help me do my job from just about any place. The following a 5 of the TOP apps / web services that can make your work from home life much easier and quite productive:

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