4 Common Job Application Mistakes

No doubt there’s many mistakes that are commonly made on employment applications, however, according to James Caan of CBE, there’s 4 that stand out.From his recent article…

Here are some of the most common mishaps I’ve come across and why you need to avoid them entirely;

Wrong referencing

For some reason, lots of applicants think employers aren’t going to contact their referee. If you’re one of those people, let me just set the story straight – employers ALWAYS want a character reference. I have never employed a new member of staff without contacting two referees and this isn’t just a quick ‘so, should I hire her?’ call – I’ll spend at least 20 minutes on the phone uncovering your strengths, weaknesses, work ethic, how you deal with pressure and how I should manage you.

White lies

Of course you want to impress and you want the employer to think you’re perfect for the job. However, the route to this success is definitely NOT through white lies.

Spelling mistakes

There’s no excuse for spelling mistakes, especially if you’re applying online (I mean you have a built in spell check!). You don’t need to be an editorial mastermind to recognise simple spelling mistakes.

Too wordy

“James, I would love to work with you I think I could learn a lot from you and I would be perfect for the role because I really want it and I’m willing to go over and above to show how much I care about….” Get to the point!!

Read the entire article from Caan HERE on LinkedIn