The Guide Every Job Seeker Should Read

When it comes to finding — and scoring — that coveted new job, you can never be too informed. Here, the insight and strategies that’ll put you over the top and on your way to career success!

This eBook includes:

  • To Accept or Not to Accept: Big Job Offer Questions to Consider
    Before you accept a job offer, ask some questions so there are no big surprises when you sign on.
  • Crazy Interview Questions You Would Hate to Be Asked
    Everyone expects that interviewers to throw a curveball or two during the job interview, but some questions are so out there that you might respond, “huh”?
  • Social Networking Strategies You Can Learn from Barbie
    You can actually learn a thing or two about improving your LinkedIn and social networking skills from Barbie.
  • 14 Ways to Freshen Up Your Resume
    If you’ve been running with the same resume for years, it’s time to breathe new life into that old document with mid-year update.
  • When it Rains Job Offers, Here’s How to Choose the Best One
    When more than one job opportunity presents itself, here’s how to determine which job is the best move for you and your career future.
  • 4 Overlooked Ways to Improve Your Job Search
    Seasonal jobs could be a good way to get back into work mode while you continue to search a more permanent gig.

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