Women at Risk of Getting Pushed Out of STEM Jobs

A future generation of women is at risk for getting pushed out of an ever-increasing amount of STEM jobs due to a long-standing gender bias. As a woman who is currently excelling in the technology industry, Monica Eaton-Cardone says that if action is taken now, future generations can be saved from getting shut out entirely.

(Tampa Bay, FL) April 14, 2015—According to Verizon, technology skills will be required in 80% of all jobs in the next decade. (1) However, the chance for a future generation of women to occupy and excel in these positions is being impeded by social perceptions that STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) are “male industries.” Monica Eaton-Cardone, founder and CIO of Global Risk Technologies, most well known by its US counterpart,Chargebacks911 (http://www.chargebacks911.com/), is a long-time advocate of women in business, and says that in order for today’s young women to have a chance tomorrow, gender must become a non-factor with regard to career paths.

According to the Harvard Business Review, the number of women in STEM has actually decreased since 1991. (2) This statistic shows no sign of improving, as the number of women studying and pursuing careers in technology has been going down by 0.5% each year; if this continues, less than 1% of the global tech workforce will be female by 2043. (3) When compounded with the prediction of the increase in STEM jobs, this data suggests a dismal job market for a future generation of women unless something is done to address the crisis.

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